Seattle Graphic Design – 7 tips for designing a good logo for your business

Designing a logo looks like a simple task, right? But there is much more behind the development of the visual identity of a brand, only a nice letters and shapes. The logo designers are in great demand, and for good reason: a logo is often the first impression of a company, which may affect brand perception of a customer, purchasing decisions and in general their attitude towards a product.

We live surrounded by logos of different brands. Even young children who still can not tie his own shoelaces, recognize many logos, or are able to deduce what a company sells only looking at your of logo design

For those who are about to embark on the journey of designing your brand, or think it is time for the visual identity of your company to undergo a facelift, we have some tips that you will help to create a good logo for your company.

1. Be unique

A logo is what helps distinguish one brand from its competitors, so it is important that the image stands out from the rest, something that many brands struggle. In many cases, imitation is the best form of flattery, but when it comes to designing a logo, it is not. – Seattle Graphic Design who are not sure of the originality of its design, can check for plagiarism in places like Logo Thief.

The creation of a single design is not everything to prevent imitation, it is important to think creatively: Mercedes logo is not a car, Virgin Atlantic logo is not an airplane, and the Apple logo is not a computer.

2. It’s all about the brand

Yes, a logo is an image, but also an introduction to a brand. The logo must reach a specific audience and you should take this into account when designing. Write what you think about your brand, you can take a look at sites like Niice to get some inspiration. But be careful, you just need to be inspired by aesthetics, not the meaning. Investigate other visual marks may be useful but should not be taken literally inspirations.

Want to highlight the usefulness of your brand or evoke emotion? What is your position on the customer and how far aspire to reach with your brand? While it is helpful to be up to date on the latest trends in design, it’s important to stay true to the overall personality of your brand.

Each logo has a history full of meaning and purpose. Apple, for example, fruit lacks bite, or Wikipedia, is a world of unfinished pieces covered with glyphs of different scripts. Both logos are simple, but they have an added touch around back to the ideology of the brand.

graphic design seattle3. Color is key

By taking into account the personality of the brand, you have to think about all aspects of the image. Bright and bold colors can capture the public’s attention, but it could also seem rash; the muted tones exude sophistication, but could be overlooked. Each color has a different implication and can bring nuances to your message, consider what each color to ensure it does not transmit the wrong message:

  • Red: energetic, sexy, bold
  • Orange: creative, friendly, young
  • Yellow: sunny, optimistic
  • Green: organic growth
  • Blue, professional, quiet, trustworthy
  • Purple: spiritual, wise, evocative
  • Black: credible and powerful
  • White: simple, clean, pure
  • Pink: fun and flirty
  • Brown: rural, historical and constant

4. What about the name?

A logo consists of two elements: a name and a symbol. Before a company can think of a symbol as its sole representation, it should be a good advertising campaign. Some companies choose to only your logo name accompanied by a beautiful fountain.

This depends on the kind of name that has your mark if your company has a unique name, then this could be your logo, but if your name is generic, need something more to identify the company.

When considering the font for text, be sure to avoid rare sources, use the negative space and modify to your liking sources already created. Font Squirrel pages or HypeForType will be of great help. Some brands even are recognized for their custom fonts, such as Coca-Cola.

When all else fails: use the Helvetica font, as they have used many popular brands such as Nars, Target, Crate & Barrel, American Apparel and JCPenney.

5. Make it easy and flexible

It is important to have a balanced, simple and unique combination, you want your logo to be interesting, but someone has to sit and analyze the logo to know what it is. A good example is the FedEx logo, a simple logo with a twist. The image uses a negative to create an arrow space connotes speed, accuracy and direction. In addition, the company changes the color of “Ex” to classify the type of delivery. Amazon also uses only his name, and uses an arrow “a” to “z” to refer to their extensive inventory.

In this new digital age, in which logos appear on multiple devices and through social media, you design something that transcends the role. It should work well on different platforms, and be flexible in its size. Adidas is a brand that incorporates the same reason three parallel bars in all their designs. Visual changes depend a little place where you see it, but always contains similar components.

Design a logo that does not become obsolete in a few years is a challenge, you must be open to minor changes that arise along the way and be prepared to make small changes to keep you updated logo.

succesful logos6. Do not expect instant success

Nike, Puma, Audi and all the iconic logos, needed time to gain popularity. A logo is not instantly become an icon, if you have even designed the most beautiful combination of vectors. Success depends on the product and the market in which it is located.

But what made these iconic logos are so wonderful? If you look at the way in which they originated, they are derived from a great understanding of the principles of the brand. Nike designer, you are asked to create something to visualize the movement and look good in a shoe. Audi represents four brands of the company related to one another; Puma is a simple name display, along with a puma jumping.

It is important to be patient and not rush to make changes to your design just because you have not got the reception they initially expected. Do not change your logo just because you’re tired of it, if it is time to evolve in design, looking items they can do better, but always in line with your brand.

7. Use online resources and tools

There is a large online catalog of tools to help you design a logo for your company or where can find some inspiration in next posts we will make a summary of the best tools to design logos.

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How To Choose A Graphic Designer For Your Company

great poster designSince graphic design is so massive, there are actually realities and statistics concerning the occupation and also the design artists themselves. One fact is to understand that numerous of those which are in design are really self-employed. 25 % of graphic artists considered themselves freelance or consultants.

As a rule, those with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design do better in the field and also make more money than those with a partner of fine arts degree. Although there are technical institutions for graphic design the majority of those that take these sorts of courses end up in technical positions.

While the task market for graphic design is significant, so is the competition. You’ll have to gradually yet certainly build a profile of your work in order to benefit from the best doctor. See to it that you have lots of education, stay current on all design software application, and also the sides working at an employed position view exactly what kind of freelance work you can pick up.

If you’re visiting bit-by-bit your school you’ll need to learn about all type of fine art including art history. You’ll learn principles, basics, workshop art, graphics manufacturing, site design, fine art behavioral science, social researches, marketing, and also obviously all the courses you get worrying company.

Keep in mind, the more education that you have the better your medical professional as well as the higher your salary. As a matter of fact, a lot of the time when you visit a technical workshop you will be relegated to technical positions. Rather than being the graphic fine arts designer you’re going to be the aide to the designer. So the higher-level education courses are truly visiting pay off over time if you really take pleasure in the innovative facet of graphic design.

Equally as anything else in design income differs substantially. Since 2006 most graphic design occupations gained over $20,000 a year. The leading 10 % as a rule earned over $70, 000 each year. It’s important to comprehend that sometimes graphic artist are consultants, or self used, so these numbers are visiting fluctuate a fair bit.

Likewise, a Web developer is a separate position as well as often includes graphic design skills. Lots of Web designers are visiting gain above exactly what most visuals designers do, and yet they can be found in under a different category although they are essentially working with graphic design anyhow.

So if you combine abilities such as Web design, marketing, business, and also graphic arts you’re reliant make even more money. Specifically if you own your very own business and strive, however remember, the majority of those which are self-employed placed in numerous hours beyond the typical 40 hr week.

Bear in mind, a graphic artist is one that puts assumed into creative graphics instead of writing or content and yet their declaration have to be clear, concise, as well as one that every person understands. If you wish to be a graphic artist be sure that you get your education, while you can start graphic art jobs without it, it’s a lot easier to generate cash if you recognize more about the profession.

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How You Company Will Benefit From Hiring A Graphic Design Company

brochure designThere are many reasons that you might have to look into hiring a graphic designer at some time in time. This is especially real if you have your very own business, or are interested in becoming a web designer. When it comes down to it, an expert graphic designer could assist you out in a variety of various ways.

Although you might have the ability to do a few of the deal with your own, a professional graphic designer is visiting be able to do factors with a considerably higher degree of success.

Listed below are three scenarios in which you might intend to check into employing a graphic designer. Yet bear in mind, these are never that only times that you ought to check out this. All in all, an expert graphic designer will have the ability to aid you out with anything that you might require; within their world of skills as well as encounter, certainly.

If you merely began a company, you will more than most likely wish to get in touch with a graphic designer. While this could not be the first thing that you do, it is definitely something that you will certainly intend to think about. For your new company, you will necessary every little thing from a logo design to layouts for folders and also letterhead.

You must ensure that you get this done skillfully since it is visiting be what individuals see when they deal with your company. Employ an excellent graphic designer early on so that she or he has plenty of time to work with you as you are acquiring your business off the ground as well as running.

Webmasters have actually learnt over and over again that working with a professional graphic designer is the means to go. Although you could be good at running web sites, there is a likelihood that you have no abilities at all when it comes to the graphic design side of things. Rather than making the blunder of trying to do this by yourself, you ought to check out exactly what a graphic designer needs to offer.

collateral designNot simply can they assist you out with the company logo for your new internet site, however a graphic designer may likewise be able to aid you with the total layout. As you could envision, the more assistance that you can get from a professional the much better possibility you are going to have of being successful early on.

You could employ a graphic designer that can help you out with pretty much any sort of business venture that you are entailed with. For example, you could not believe that a graphic designer can assist a trash firm, yet nothing could be additionally from the reality. They might assist with the design of the logos that take place the vehicles, the design of an internet site, and far more.

If you own a business, think about the many methods that a graphic designer would have the ability to assist you. Chances are that you will certainly think about a few methods, with many of them being more practical compared to the others.

Provided above are 3 scenarios in which you could intend to take into consideration hiring a graphic designer. But bear in mind, these professionals could assist you with any graphic requirements that you might have; both individual and company related.

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Some Useful Tips When Working With A Graphic Designer

CD Packaging DesignGraphic design includes the creation or adjustment of pictures, shades, lines and all the aspects that compose a fantastic composition. It could be a picture, text or a mix of both. Some possibly of the most visible outcomes of graphic design are the prints on tee shirts, company logos and brand tags, journal formats, print advertising campaigns, and the like.

Graphic design has turned into one of communication’s biggest devices in the media. It is widely used to create different photos that suit a certain design or really feel that comes with principles and also styles. Graphic design works in order to promote a recognizable look that can produce allure. At the same time, it must properly interact the bottom lines or symbolize the idea it was based on.

Nowadays, graphic design is popular in several industries. Printing, however, is probably one of the most exposed and also submersed sector that handles graphic styles. Printing business offer services and products that are all encouraged by a great design. It understands all also well that also the tiniest details in the graphic design could make or crack the prints.

Graphic designs combined with the aspects of printing are like a suit made in paradise. Graphic design with fantastic visual appeals and also style can really stand alone. With the ideal laser printer too, a graphic design’s full capacity can be revealed. However with the ins and outs of printing, a graphic design which has not been customized to suit the requirements for printing might also fall flat on its face.

There are many elements to think about in graphic design if it has to function well with or be duplicated through printing. Several of the elements that could be affected in the design are its colours.

print designShades shown on the computer system can not be captured or replicated in its outright color or consistency. The colors modifications considering that the tools are a wide range of, computer system display versus the printed paper. Laser printers utilize the CMYK format in order to very carefully mixture the colours as close as possible to the graphic design. If the designer neglects to change their development from RGB to CMYK, then the colours utilized will certainly be significantly changed.

A lot of printing business have their own paper stock in mind as to what quality or weight suits a specific item, like calling card or postcards. The majority of these are judged by the paper’s opacity and illumination.

Opacity identifies merely the amount of light could go through the paper, hence, impacting the strength of the print’s shades. Brightness, on the other hand, assists highlight as well as enhance the color by the sheer whiteness of the paper.

Various other paper stock that might be of lesser quality or crappy might bring a wide range of outcomes. Custom-made printing that includes colored paper might not reproduce the colors utilized by the styles on the print. The ink’s colour might become weak versus the tinted paper, generating no contrasting effect whatsoever.

Particular surface could appropriately stress the colors of the design. Shiny surfaces could emphasize the vividness and also quality of colors. Aqueous surface applied to the majority of prints give seals prints for protection and offers a brought in gloss that perks up the design.

UV covering, on the other hand, creates a substantial quantity of luster on your prints. It emphasizes the shades further and also shades become much more great. UV layer too secures prints like Liquid covering, however even much better. UV finishing is much more resistant to scratches, finger print blemish and even heat and dampness that can harm as well as deform it.

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